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Mission Evilguy

Mission Evilguy is a puzzle game where you make things happen at the right time at the right place.

Using your quantum wristwatch that allows you to control time, you’ll have to make each level work like clockwork to reach the exit. Following Goodguy’s mission to chase and find Evilguy, you’ll find yourself in a mysterious laboratory where devices move only when you move!

Mission Evilguy has these features:

  • A purely logic-based game – no quick reaction needed, no time limits, just intelligence.
  • Easy to play for everyone
  • No lenghty tutorials or complicated control schemes – play with just the arrow keys and one button
  • 60 levels ranging from very easy to incredibly sophisticated
  • Replay any previous level at any time to perfect it
  • Includes tools and example files to create and publish your own levels
  • Full joypad support
  • Supports 14 languages

Mission Evilguy has been designed and programmed by Alessandro Piva, with art by Marco Giammetti and music by Kawa Nanuk. Available from June 19th 2019 on PC through Steam.

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Press Kit

The full press kit for Mission Evilguy can be found at this address. You can also reach to us through our distribute() link to request press / influencer copies.